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This is Sorte!

New bossa Sorte! is the first collaboration between John Finbury, Latin Grammy for Song of the Year nominee, and Afro-Brazilian singer-songwriter-actress Thalma de Freitas, whose early co-writing credits include Brazilian household names like João Donato and Céu.

Sorte! is a love letter about serendipity, how "great mistakes also mean luck", uplifting the feelings of trust in the Universe, which always has our back and conspires in favor of Love. The classic explanation of serendipity reads “Luck is when opportunity finds us prepared".

The single was recorded in New York as part of an upcoming album to be released later this year. Thalma de Freitas & Alma Brasileira was produced by Latin Grammy winner Emilio D. Miler, who assembled an all-star band for this recording, featuring:

Vitor Gonçalves - piano & rhodes
Chico Pinheiro - guitar
John Patitucci - bass
Duduka da Fonseca - drums
Airto Moreira - percussion

music by John Finbury
lyrics by Thalma de Freitas
produced by Emilio D. Miler



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