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In 2019, Thalma de Freitas celebrates her 30 year career with three distinct projects:

Songbook Vol. 1 - A sonic memoir composed and produced by Thalma. Samba-jazz, boleros and bossas performed by a superb jazz quartet from São Paulo: Laercio de Freitas - piano, Arismar do Espirito Santo - guitar, Thiago Espirito Santo, bass and Carlos Bala - drums with De Freitas on vocals. Mixed by William Quantic Holland.

Reza Forte - A powerful spiritual work in duet with legendary Mateus Aleluia (Os Tincoãs), channeling blessings from both ancestral and futuristic Afro-Brazilian folkloric landscape. Relying on vocals and improvisation, Aleluia and Thalma have entranced audiences from Los Angeles to São Paulo this much awaited album will surely bring these two powerhouses of Afro-Brazilian culture to new audiences. 

Alma Brasileira - A songwriting project in partnership with Latin Grammy nominee John Finbury, accompanied by stellar New York based band: John Patitucci - bass, Duduka da Fonsceca - drums, Victor Gonçalvez - piano and Chico Pinheiro - guitar.




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